Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MSBuild–Visual Studio project template

Based on the ide of Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi’s blog post about “Hijacking the Visual Studio Build Process” I’ve created a small Visual Studio project template for custom MSBuild based projects which you can find in the Visual Studio gallery.image

Why should I care about it?

  • Build/Rebuild/Clean inside visual studio without switching to the command line
  • Easier to maintain files inside a project than inside “solution files”
  • IntelliSense
  • Source control integration
  • Visual Studio editor experienceimage

The first screenshot is showing you how the project experience will look like. You can see the green + sign which indicates that this project was added to source control but not yet committed/checked-in.

The second screenshot shows you how IntelliSense can look like, I’m using ReSharper so maybe on your machine it can look a little bit different. 

VSGallery: MSBuild Empty Project Template

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