Monday, November 25, 2013

Got 15 minutes and want to learn Git?

Are you new to git our recently started working with git command-line?

Try it out inside your browser:

Learn how to master branches here:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Visual Studio/TFS 2013 Patches

With the new version of Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation 2013 Microsoft has delivered lots of new features. Unfortunately they have also introduced some new bugs with their last minute changes however they have managed to provide some quick fixes for some of them.

Last update: 14.11.2013

08.11.2013 Updated Team Foundation Server 2013 download addressing web and installation path issues
Fixed: Red error box when using Code (version control) in the web UI
Fixed: Unable to install into a custom path
Updated install media
08.11.2013 Visual Studio and Team Explorer 2013 no longer require IE 10 for installation
But check the KB article for known issues when not using IE10
Updated install media
13.11.2013 Patch for issue with Visual Studio 2013 Queue Build dialog Hotfix

What’s installed on the build machine in Visual Studio Online(Team Foundation Service)?

Great question, great answers …

in detail
inside VS2012 Avanade Extensions for VS2012
inside VS2013

Avanade Extensions for VS2013