Monday, November 30, 2015

Getting ready for ASP.Net on Ubuntu 14.04

There are multiple ways how you can get ASP.Net running on Ubuntu. The classical way would be installing .Net Core and ASP.Net 5 by hand inside a virtual machine. This is handy if you also want to develop on Linux. Coming from Windows, using Visual Studio as my daily driver, changing to Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu is a new interesting development experience.

If you just want to have a server for testing and hosting your stuff I recommend using Docker.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ubuntu virtual machines on Hyper-V

Have you ever tried to running Ubuntu inside a Hyper-V virtual machine? If not but you are interested check the following links for a quick start:

Friday, November 27, 2015

Not enough free disk space on /boot partition, Ubuntu on Hyper-V Gen2

Yesterday my Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine declined to install updates because /boot partition was full.

image showing /boot partition on Ubuntu 14.04 running in Hyper-V Gen2 is full

After some time I found an old forum entry(link) discussing the same problem.

Finally the solution was to run the following command to cleanup old dependencies and kernel versions

sudo apt-get autoremove

sudo apt-get clean

Monday, November 16, 2015

Let's make taking pictures in OneNote more productive

Let's make taking Pictures in OneNote more productive

Not all of us can own a Surface Hub and I can think of some scenarios where it won't fit as an electronic whiteboard and use of a classical whiteboard is required. But still lots of us use OneNote as their note tacking app and want to add photos of classical whiteboard notes in a fast, instant and non-interruptive way.

OneNote is also my favorite note tracking app, but:

Why is it that hard to add a "good" photo of your whiteboard notes or drawings to your OneNote notes?

Today, I have to take out of my pocket my mobile phone, have to select a photo taking app like Office Lens, take a picture, maybe crop and rotate it, store it on some cloud drive (in office lens you can select the OneNote section where it should be added) and wait until it is synced to your note taking device. If this is your primary device I can imagine this is fine for you. I'm using my Surface Pro 2 or Lenovo ThinkPad notebook for notes.

We have hard- and software ready to take good pictures but I think the overall process can be streamlined to make it more productive.


OneNote (Desktop)

We can insert pictures and create live screen clippings, even we can record video and audio but I haven't found a way to take a picture …

Office OneNote Desktop, Screenshot, Ribbon, Insert


OneNote Mobile

Inside OneNote Mobile we already have good old "Camera" but …

Office OneNote Mobile, Screenshot, Ribbon, Insert

How would it be if we had the full power of Office Lens inside OneNote (UWP, Windows Desktop, IPhone, Android, Web)?

Let's vote for it Smile

Updated 17.11.2015: fixed uservoice entry and link