Wednesday, July 6, 2011

VS2010 – tips and tricks - quicker file comparison in pending changes window

Sometimes I need to compare some local pending change of a file to the latest TFS version.

This can be done like in the screenshot below,

  • grabbing the mouse,
  • right click on the file
  • select Compare –> With Latest Version


This is nice if you are a fan of mouse driven development. I’m more the fan of shortcuts so an alternate solution is the following:

  • navigate to the pending changes window
  • press SHIFT + Double-Left-Mouse-Click on the file or
  • SHIFT + Enter for the selected File

then a background comparison is started.


One easy way to navigate to the pending changes window is pressing CTRL + TAB and navigate with the keyboard arrows to the pending changes window.

Another solution would be to configure some shortcut for the pending changes tool window.