Friday, August 2, 2013

GIT-TF Tips and Tricks

description (codeplex)

Git-TF is a set of cross-platform, command line tools that facilitate sharing of changes between TFS and Git.
These tools make it easy to clone sources from TFS, fetch updates from TFS, and update TFS with changes committed locally in Git.

Git-TF is a handy command line extension to TFS if you want to use distributed source control for advanced scenarios.
In general Git-TF is working fine. However there are some scenarios where you’ll get some headache fixing git-tf to tfs-source-control conversion history.

  • TFS don’t like it if you have multiple heads
  • some issues with complex history paths which result in high cpu usage of java.exe
  • avoid complex branch trees with merges, really!


How to do it?

avoid merges

instead rebase!



the following git aliases come in handy if your working with git-tf

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