Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TFS2012–assign work items to multiple users–overview

Since the beginning, Team Foundation Server does not support multiple user assignments for work items at all.

Before continuing reading you should ask yourself the following questions about why you or your team want to be able to assign a bunch of work, tracked as a work item to multiple users:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What does the team want to achieve?
  • Who will be the owner/responsible of the workitem if it is not done?
  • Is to much work for one person? –> Split the work to multiple tasks!
  • Do you want to pair with another person on the task?
  • ….

Depending on the answers there are are multiple options/workarounds for different scenarios available like the following

  • Assign a work item to a tfs user group
  • Add additional fields on your work items (eg: AssignedTo2)
  • Change the behavior of the assigned to field from ‘allowed values’ to ‘suggested values’

In the following posts I will show different solutions how this can be achieved, limitations and to witch scenario the different solutions will fit.

If you think TFS should support this feature natively please vote on uservoice here

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