Wednesday, September 7, 2011

VS2010 – tips and tricks – team explorer shortcuts and patterns

In my last post I wrote about how to do a quick comparison using shortcuts and avoiding the mouse.

If you are working with TFS maybe this shortcuts are interesting for you.

Navigate to TFS related tool windows

If you want to navigate to TFS related tool windows like Team Explorer Window or Pending Changes Window you may have noticed that for some of them some keyboard shortcuts are predefined.

The default keyboard binding for Team Explorer is something like CTRL+W, M which is not really related to the name.

I’m a fan of keyboard shortcuts and it’s hard to remember all of them every time. Because of that, I tried to define some smarter keyboard shortcut pattern.

Most of the CTRL+W + character shortcuts are already mapped to other windows. I’m using as an alternative ALT+W for all TFS Team Explorer related windows.

You can see a list below:

VS2010 commands Shortcut
View.TfsPendingChanges ALT + W, P
View.TfsSourceControlExplorer ALT + W, S
View.TeamExplorer ALT + W, T


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